Super Model or Fitness Model?

These days – many thanks to Instagram – we cannot only choose to admire super models like the Victoria Secret squad and desperately thrive for their apparent body-perfection: endless legs, tiny mid-sections/ hips as well as the perfect set of breasts to look stunning in anything.

Nowadays, we are also faced with a new breed of bodies to idealise, called the “fitness models” – mainly leaning towards the category of bikini fitness competitors when it comes to body fat % and muscle development.


Before storming into the direction of googling “fitness model body strategy” right away, please hear us out – because it seems that if you are not luckily gifted with a super fast metabolism or simply an ectomorphic body type you will likely not be able to transform into Giselle Bündchen, but neither into Michelle Lewin – because everything takes work.

And unfortunately we tend to strive for the best features of all of them, don’t we?

  • A perky butt like Heidi Somers, miles of legs like Kendall Jenner and the trained upper body of Michelle? How?
  • Will lifting make me look too muscular?
  • Will I know have to squat for my life or is a mix of pilates/yoga the way to get what I want?
  • Do I have to start myself by dedicating myself to Adriana’s pre-show diet or are is flexible dieting the way to go?

QUESTIONS OVER QUESTIONS  …. and we “everyday-ladies” get more and more confused.

And all we want is to look great and feel comfortable – but believe us, being either a fitness or a runway model is a full-time job and takes a lot of work and dedicated to diets.

My personal fitness dilemma (with a mesa-endomorphic body type): I want a perky and round behind, but carry a fear of my hips and legs too get too big, too. And for years I put myself down to achieve it.

But, quoting Bret Contreras*,  “you simply cannot have your cake and eat it too. More accurately, you can’t have your cake and have lean legs. Well, actually you can if you adhere to flexible dieting and consistently fit your macros while sticking to mostly whole, unprocessed foods while sprinkling in some treats in small amounts, but that’s besides the point. What I’m trying to convey is that many women covet either the super model look or the fitness model look. Neither of these looks can be achieved by eating several thousand calories per day with ample servings of junk food. If your legs are too bulky for your liking, I suggest looking to your diet first before ditching any exercise that highly elevates the metabolism and activates a large portion of the body’s musculature.”

Our FitTip:

First, pick your goals carefully, do not get carried away by too much “fitspiration” and make sure you also look at your individual body type first to determine who much effort you have to put in and if your lifestyle or life in general is set-up for it.


img_9223* Bret Contreras is well known as the gluts-guy in today’s fitness industry and the Bikini Bootyque Nutrition and Fitness team draws a lot of knowledge out of his science based advice and training programmes. After all, building booties is his business. For more information visit his website and check out his success stories for motivation.

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