Healthy Rum & Cacao Granola

Healthy Rum & Cacao Granola

Some mornings require a crunchy breakfast, as we are too tired to wake up on our own.

Other mornings – maybe the upcoming holiday mornings – are meant to be spend with family and friends and allow a more extensive breakfast with coffee, eggs and healthy breakfast bowls. But why not make them crunchy too?



Even though we all loved our Frosted Flakes and Cinni Minnis as kids and even might have munched on cornflakes at dinner time during our time at university – unfortunately almost all store bought breakfast cereal is loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients messing with our waist line and health.

I can only recommend to start switching a sweet breakfast to a savoury start into the day with eggs and vegetables – but what if you need that CRUNCH? The one that either wakes you up or beautifies your smoothie bowl or yoghurt?


Luckily there are plenty of paleo granola recipes out there and my current favourite is a healthy version of a rum and cacao granola – and yes you read rum.

Is rum even paleo though?

The truth is that many hard liquors are practically low-carb and should be favored by those trying to skip the sugar, which is for many the key advantage with going paleo.

But keep in mind that rum, whiskey or vodka are normally derived of grains like wheat or corn – so technically the do not apply for a 100% strict paleo diet.

But it’s gluten-free. Low in carbs and generally the best option to go for when you normally keep it paleo. Live a little. And to keep a nice balance, check out what I just pinned as a guideline to party like a paleo.


Back to our recipe – give it a try and sprinkle my rum & cacao granola on yoghurts, eat with milk or add a crunch to your acai bowls. And enjoy.




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