Easy Fitness Food Tricks: Tomato Sauce Cubes

Easy Fitness Food Tricks: Tomato Sauce Cubes

Always on the hunt for cute kitchen helpers, I stumbled across the Bored Panda’s selection of cute ice cube molds for inspiration and to make summer drinks even more fun in 2016 – I so want those little shark fins.

Nevertheless I came across an amazing kitchen hack which has nothing to do with fruity cocktails or a nice cold drink, but we will need an ice cube tray to make it happen as well – luckily your standard fridge usually comes with a little mold. I actually prefer silicone ones to the plastic, but both work for the following genius project.


A quick excursion to single life or if you do not have to feed a family (yet), but want to make delicious sauces or pestos for you and your significant other:  CONTAINERS ARE TOO BIG.

Especially when it comes to condiments like passata or pesto, I feel the products always comes in big containers and the sauces go bad or even moldy before I can use them up for my single household. And unfortunately this resulted in me throwing out barely touched bottles of the same in the bin – especially as single serving recipes call for small amounts of sauces to add, e.g. your tomato sauce or pasta blend.


Luckily I could put my kind of unused ice cube tray to use and started to portion out my favourite, low-sugar passata sauce today – simply to freeze it and pop out one or two cubes to add to my veggie sauces when needed.

Goodbye to wastage of product and money – and hello to lovely thick sauces.

My Fit Tip

We all by pasta sauces, pestos or crushed tomatoes in bottles, cans or tetra packs because they are sometimes just the convenient choice for busy individuals – and as long as you take the time to check the ingredient list for added sugars or high fat contents, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But especially marinara or even plain tomato sauce will have a naturally high sugar content – the ice cube method also makes sure you keep portion-control in mind and won’t empty half the bottle to your veggies or meat – why spoil a perfectly balanced meal with too much sugary sauce?

Check out a selection of recipes, in which I can now easily chuck in my passata cubes – especially when I cook just for myself and only need a small amount.

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