Coffee & Your Digestion

Coffee & Your Digestion

There are coffee lovers and those who prefer tea – may it be because of the taste or the effects caffeine has on your body.

Being passionate about a good cup of coffee myself, I could never (or better do not want to) skip my morning cappuccino or after-lunch espresso, as I experienced some benefits from drinking “the black gold” myself:

  • an amazing flavour experience aka enjoyment
  • increased energy
  • an instand wake-up call
  • healthy digestion

Digestion? Aren’t there many doctors outthere to warn about the effect of caffeine? Aren’t people constantly advised to soothe their gut by drinking tea instead of coffee?

Especially when taken in large amounts, coffee can cause or contribute to a variety of problems with digestion.

If you pace your self and start drinking coffee in moderation, it can often prevent such problems, and drinking decaffeinated coffee might help avoid some intestinal issues caused by caffeine.

In generel coffee has the following effects on your digestive system – knowing about them can help you to use it in your favor (depending on your knowledge about your own body):

  • Coffee creates a laxative effect, stimulating the wave-like movements of the gastrointestinal tract to empty of its contents. It can be helpful to constipation sufferers (like me), but it can also contribute to extremely loose stools (counterproductive for IBS sufferers).
  • It also acidity of gastric juices with more acid, surprisingly, produced by decaffeinated coffee. This is a benefit if your body does not produce enough digestive enzymes like mine to properly digest food.
  • Coffee might also damage the lining of the intestines in excessive amounts and in sensitive individuals allowing the formation of ulcers and gastritis (inflammation of the stomach’s lining) or aggravating existing conditions. If you suffer from gastrointestinal problems like as IBS, Crohn’s disease, and colitis are usually advised not to drink coffee.

I am happy my body can actually benefit from coffee as a more or less natural laxative and the acidity it produces in my stomach.

Nevertheless I balance it with eating a lot of ph-level balancing foods like vegetables and fruit to make up for it and keep my gut as healthy as possible.

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